Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 1-207 
Response of different species of Brassica to water deficit

Pages 1-16

F. Rashidi; mohammad mahdi majidi; M. Pirboveiry

Economic and environmental impacts of introducing grain legumes in farming systems of Midi-Pyrenees region (France): A simulation approach

Pages 65-87

F. Mahmood; H. Belhouchette; W. Nasim; T. Shahzad; S. Hussain; O. Therond; S. Fahad; S. Refat Sultana; J. Wery

Climate change would enlarge suitable planting areas of sugarcanes in China

Pages 151-165

C.R. Mi; Q. Zu; L. He; F. Huettmann; N. Jin; J. Li

Enhancing economic water productivity under on farm reservoirs in diversified rainfed cropping systems

Pages 193-207

K.S. Reddy; V. Maruthi; M. Kumar; P.K. Pankaj; A.G.K. Reddy; B. Umesha