Farmers' perceptions on improved bread wheat varieties and formal seed supply in Ethiopia

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Seed Section, ICARDA, P.O. Box 5466, Aleppo, Syria.

2 EIAR, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia


The paper presents smallholder farmers' perceptions on attributes of bread wheat varieties
based on primary data collected from 524 households in four major wheat growing areas of
Ethiopia. The results indicated high value of attainment indices for improved varieties compared
to landraces, which shows how the demanded attributes are embodied more in improved ones.
Grain yield and yellow and stem rust resistance are attributes that are desired most compared to
others. However, there is high variability in attainment indices among improved varieties for the
different attributes, which suggests the need to target varieties for the different environments
including disease and drought tolerance. The results also showed inconsistency between the
value of attainment indices of varieties and the amount of seed supplied by the formal sector,
which resulted in mismatch between demand and supply leading to considerable carryover seed.
The formal sector needs to consider diversifying its bread wheat varietal portfolio and increase
its capacity for seed supply to respond to emerging challenges and effectively address farmers’