Peer Review Process

IJPP is a peer-reviewed journal. Authors should provide us with names, emails and addresses of at least five independent referees preferably from other countries. The referees should not be close friends, should not work at the same department as authors, and should have published papers in peer reviewed international journals on the subject of the manuscript and the Editorial Board may decline to contact any of the reviewers suggested by the authors.

Upon submission, the manuscript will be cursorily inspected in the editorial office for compliance with the author instructions. Manuscripts that do not achieve the prerequisites for publication will be immediately rejected. Remaining manuscripts will be assigned to the Editor-in-Chief, which may reject or allocate them to relevant referees for single-blind peer review (the referees know the identity of the authors, but the authors do not know the identity of the referees).

The final decision on the manuscript is made based on the reviewers’ feedback. When a decision has been reached, the decision is communicated to the author.

After the author has submitted the final version and this has been accepted for publication, the manuscript undergoes a copyediting process. The copyeditor performs the clean-up edit. This edit occasionally generates new queries, which are sent to the author. Authors are responsible for content, including the spelling of personal and place names. IJPP reserves the right to refuse publication of articles that, upon repeated resubmission, do not meet stylistic standards. After copyediting is complete, the issue is produced.

The goal of IJPP: Median of 60 d from submission to accept/release.