Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, September 2017, Pages 461-588 
Root-shoot regulation and yield of mulched drip irrigated maize on sandy soil

Pages 461-476

L. Zhou; Hao Feng; Y. Zhao; Zh. Qi; T. Zhang; B. Si

The impact of terminal heat stress on yield and heat tolerance of bread wheat

Pages 549-560

A. Moshatati; S.A. Siadat; Kh. Alami-Saeid; A.M. Bakhshandeh; M.R. Jalal-Kamali

Physical rice grain quality as affected by biophysical factors and pre-harvest practices

Pages 561-576

D.L. Mapiemfu; S.A. Ndindeng; Z. Ambang; E.N. Tang; F. Ngome; J.M. Johnson; A. Tanaka; K. Saito

Strip tillage and sowing: is precision planting indispensable in silage maize?

Pages 577-588

P. Benincasa; A. Zorzi; F. Panella; G. Tosti; M. Trevini