Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, June 2017 
Rooting traits of peanut genotypes differing in drought tolerance under drought stress

Pages 349-360

H. Ding; Z. Zhang; T. Kang; L. Dai; D. Ci; F. Qin; W. Song

Relation between nitrogen nutrition index and production of spring malting barley

Pages 379-388

O. Sedlář; J. Balík; J. Černý; M. Kulhánek; F. Vašák

Influence of tiller heterogeneity on yield components of rice grown under different nitrogen regimes

Pages 437-452

Y. Wang; J.W. Lu; T. Ren; S. Hussain; Q. Jia; J.L. Zhang; M. Yousaf; X.K. Li