Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 424-596 
3. Efficiency of nitrogen fertilization in spring wheat

Pages 447-456

A. Szmigiel; M. Kołodziejczyk; A. Oleksy; B. Kulig

8. Effects of climate change and cultivar on summer maize phenology

Pages 509-526

Zh. Wang; J. Chen; Y. Li; C. Li; L. Zhang; F. Chen

11. The relationships between carbon isotope discrimination and photosynthesis and rice yield under shading

Pages 551-564

L. Wang; F. Deng; T.Q. Lu; M. Zhao; Sh.L. Pu; Sh.X. Li; W.J. Ren

12. Response of wheat crop during transition to organic system under Mediterranean conditions

Pages 565-578

R. Leogrande; C. Vitti; A.M. Stellacci; C. Cocozza; D. Ventrella