Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2012, Pages 267-386 
3. Mulching effects on the yield and quality of garlic as second crop in rice fields

Pages 279-290

M.B. Mahdieh Najafabadi; Gh. Peyvast; M. Hassanpour Asil; J.A. Olfati; M. Rabiee

4. Effects of organic and inorganic amendments on weed management in sweet maize

Pages 291-308

A. Efthimiadou; R.J. Froud-Williams; I. Eleftherohorinos; A. Karkanis; D.J. Bilalis

7. Wheat seed contamination with seed-borne diseases in cold climatic zone of Iran

Pages 337-352

S. Mobasser; M.R. Jazayeri; F. Khazaei; L. Sadeghi

9. Are investments in an informal seed system for cowpea a worthwhile endeavour?

Pages 367-386

P. Christiaan Biemond; T.J. Stomph; A. Kamara; T. Abdoulaye; S. Hearne; P.C. Struik