Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in sugarcane productivity under semiarid tropical agro ecosystem in India

Document Type : Research Paper


Agronomy Division, Research and Development Centre, EID Parrry (I) Ltd., Pettavaithalai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Impact of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in sugarcane productivity was
assessed through a field experiment from plant and ratoon sugarcane in Tamil Nadu,
India. Control, 12.5 and 18.75 kg ha-1 of AMF along with 75% and 100% of
phosphorous application were triedas treatments. 18.75 kg ha-1 AMF applied plots
showed significant difference in germination percentage, tiller number, internode
thickness and ultimately in cane yield in both plant and ratoon crop comprising two
seasons. Quality parameters such as Pure Obtainable Cane Sugar and brix% of
sugarcane were also significantly improved with the application of AMF, compared
to control. The yield and post harvest soil fertility data showed that there is
considerable statistically significant difference between AMF applied plots and
control plots. These results suggest that the application of AMF will assist in
improving the profitability of the farmers through higher sugarcane productivity and
sustaining soil fertility. Besides, the quantity of phosphorus fertilizer application can
also be reduced by 25% and application of AMF as a biofertilizer to sugarcane is
good boon for millers since it has a direct impact on the quality of sugarcane juice.