Seedling production of gurguéia nut (Dypterix lacunifera Ducke) I: Seed germination and suitable substrates for seedlings

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Federal University of Piaui (UFPI), Campus Prof a. Cinobelina Elvas (CPCE), Department of Agronomy, Bom Jesus, Piaui State, Brazil.

2 Agronomy undergraduate student, CPCE/UFPI, Bom Jesus, Piaui, Brazil. CNPq/PIBIC fellow.

3 M.Sc. Student, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, CPCE/UFPI, Bom Jesus, Piaui State, Brazil.


Methods of seed germination and suitable substrates for seedling growth of gurguéia nut (Dipteryx lacunifera) were studied in the present work. The following methods of seed germination i.e. I and II) Room temperature water soak for 24 and 48 hours; III, IV, V and VI) hot water soak, for 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes, respectively; and VII) mechanical scarification, were studied. The studied substrates were: S1) red Oxisol:sand:bovine manure (1:1:1); S2) red Oxisol:sand:goat manure (1:1:1); S3) red Oxisol:decomposed buriti stem:bovine manure (1:1:1); S4) red Oxisol:decomposed buriti stem:goat manure (1:1:1); and S5) washed sand. No seed germination was recorded for methods IV, V and VI, whereas for the other methods, values ranged from 70% to 85%, with the highest average being registered for room temperature water soak for 24 hours. Excluding S3, emergence parameters were better as S1 shifted to S5 with the latter one was found to be best. Substrate affects seedling formation of gurguéia nut, indicating that washed sand may be used in this process.