Some chemical and morphological properties of five clover species (Trifolium sp.) at different aspect of pasture in Belovets village (Razgrad), Bulgaria

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Namik Kemal, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops, Tekirdag, Turkey (Part of a Ph.D. thesis).


The aim of investigation was to determine the effects of aspect (north and south) on some morphological [plant height (cm), number of stems per plant, main stem diameter (mm), number of leaves per main stem, petiole length (cm), leaflet length (cm), leaflet width (cm), leaf: stem ratio] and chemical [crude protein (%), crude cellulose (%), calcium (%), phosphorus (%), potassium (%) and magnesium (%) ratios] properties of five clover species [hare’s-food clover (Trifolium arvense L.), field clover (T. campestre Schreb.), suckling clover (T. dubium Sibth.), alsike clover (T. hybridum L.) and zigzag clover (T. medium L.)] in pasture vegetation. The plant height, main stem diameter, number of leaves per main stem, petiole length, leaflet length, leaflet width, leaf: stem, crude protein, crude cellulose, calcium and potassium ratios were affected by aspect. The maximum plant height (65.53 cm), leaf: stem ratio (1.17) and crude protein ratio (20.00%) were found in zigzag clover on north-facing of pasture. The highest magnesium ratio (0.41%) and lowest number of stems per plant (4.85) were determined from the zigzag clover. The hare’s-food clover showed lower values (P<0.01) than the other clovers for phosphorus content (0.275%). The main stem diameter ranged from 3.53 to 5.27 mm. The north-facing of pasture had highest number of leaves per main stem (17.07) and petiole length (1.83 cm). The maximum leaflet length (3.50 cm) and width (2.55 cm) were measured for alsike clover on north-facing of pasture. The highest crude cellulose (28.23%) and calcium (3.13%) ratios were determined in hare’s-food clover on south-facing of pasture, whereas the lowest potassium ratio (2.37-2.39) was found in same clover species on each aspect of pasture.