Comparison of three types of G × E performance plot for showing and interpreting genotypes’ stability and adaptability

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Experimental Design and Bioinformatics Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Nowoursynowska 159, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland.


A G × E performance (interaction, profile) plot for showing genotype-by-environment data is discussed. Three versions of such a plot are compared: the regular performance plot; the performance plot based on coded data (environment-centered performance plot), in which the environment means of a trait are subtracted from data; and the performance plot based on data standardized in environments (environment-standardized performance plot). The plots are compared for six soybean genotypes studied in eight environments. The regular performance plot best conveys information about genotype stability in a static sense, and provides more information about the environments than the two other plots. The environment-centered performance plot better presents genotype stability in a dynamic sense and adaptability. The environment-standardized performance plot poorly represents stability in both senses and adaptability.