Nematodes associated with Zea mays and their control through organic soil amendments

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Zoology, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, India, 190006.


On a survey during the period of 2006-2007 a number of tylenchids were found associated with Zea mays in Kashmir valley such as Pratylenchus sativus kaul, 1985, Aphelenchoides srinagrensis Kaul, 1985 and Tylenchorhynchus zeae Sethi and G. Swarp, 1968. These species were found to have morphometric variations probably due to habitat alteration from the originally described ones. As a part of the programme it was to look for management of these nematodes through organic soil amendments such as Poultry manure, Pigeon manure and Saw dust. It was found that the population densities of nematodes were reduced by the organic amendment to a varied extent and Poultry manure caused greatest reduction of nematode populations.