N uptake and yield of wheat as influenced by integrated use of organic and mineral nitrogen

Document Type : Research Paper


1 S.S. NIFA Peshawar, Pakistan.

2 DSC NIFA Peshawar, Pakistan.

3 PS NIFA Peshawar, Pakistan.

4 Agronomy Department, Agri. University, Peshawar, Pakistan.

5 azamsbpn@yahoo.co.in


The effect of integrated use of mineral and organic N sources (farmyard manure, poultry manure, and Filter Cake) on yield and N uptake of wheat were assessed in biennial field experiment carried out on silty clay loam soil in Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture, Tarnab, Peshawar Pakistan during 2005-07. Combined dose of N provided from all sources was applied @120 kg ha-1. There were 17 treatments with four replications; wheat variety (Fakhre-e-Sarhad) was sown in RCB design. Data on grain yield and straw yield were recorded in wheat. Samples of grain and straw were analyzed for total N to determine its uptake by the crop. Results indicated that in treatment where organic and mineral fertilizers were applied in the ratio of 25:75 from either organic source improved grain and straw yield.  Maximum grain yield of (3248 kg ha-1) and straw yield of (7154 kg ha-1) were obtained from treatment where 25% N was applied from poultry manure and 75% from mineral fertilizer and maximum straw yield was found in treatment where 25% from filter cake and 75% from mineral N. Agronomic efficiency and nitrogen use efficiency were also found higher in the treatment where 25% N were applied from poultry manure and 75% from mineral fertilizer. It was concluded that combination of 25:75 organic and mineral N sources are the best combination to achieve sustainable yield.