Influence of mineral and organic fertilizers on yield and nitrogen efficiency of winter wheat

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Agro-Environmental Chemistry and Plant Nutrition, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Prague, Czech Republic.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the long-term (16-years) nitrogen
efficiency after the application of organic and mineral fertilizers at two sites
Lukavec (S1) and Suchdol (S2) with different soil and climatic conditions in the
Czech Republic (Central Europe) and to determine grain yield and nitrogen content
with regard to the requirements of protein content for baking quality of wheat.
After the application of NPK treatment the highest average values from both sites
of grain yield (6.22 t ha-1), nitrogen content (2.01%) and nitrogen uptake (123.6
kg ha-1) were determined, which means 78%, 26% and 121% increases compared
to the unfertilized treatment. At the less fertile S1, located on Cambisol, the
significant effect of nitrogen fertilization on yield was observed. The yield of the
NPK treatment was by 144% higher compared to the unfertilized Control
treatment. The limit of 11.5% of protein content for bakery wheat was not achieved
for any of treatments at S1, at S2 for unfertilized treatment and treatments with
organic fertilizers. Lower values of recovery efficiency of nitrogen and N inputoutput balance were found at S2 situated on Chernozem.