Nutrient uptake of peanut genotypes under different water regimes

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Plant Science and Agricultural Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, KhonKaen University, Muang,Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand.

2 Program in Agriculture, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, Maha Sarakham 4400, Thailand.

3 Department of Plant Science and Agricultural Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, KhonKaen University, Muang, Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand.

4 USDA-ARS, Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, USA.


Drought is a serious environmental stress limiting growth and productivity in
peanut and other crops. Nutrient uptake of peanut is reduced under drought
condition, which reduces yield. The objectives of this study were to investigate
nutrient uptake of peanut genotypes in response to drought and to estimate the
relationship between nutrient uptake and peanut yield under different water regimes.
Pot experiment was conducted in a greenhouse in the dry season 2002/03 and the
rainy season 2003. Three soil moisture levels [field capacity (FC), 2/3 available soil
water (2/3 AW) and 1/3 available soil water (1/3 AW)] were assigned as factor A and
11 peanut genotypes as factor B. Total nutrient uptake was determined at harvest.
Season×water regime interactions and differences in seasons, water regimes and
genotypes were significant for all nutrient uptakes. The interactions between season
and genotype were significant for N and K uptakes. The nutrient uptakes of peanut
plants grown under FC were higher than those plants grown under water stress
treatments. Tifton 8 was the highest genotype for all nutrient uptakes in both dry and
rainy seasons, while ICGV 98303 and KK 60-3 had high nutrient uptake under water
stress condition. The nutrient uptake of peanut in the rainy season was higher than
the dry season. The relationships between nutrient uptake parameters, biomass and
pod dry weight were positive and significant in both seasons. This information is
important for peanut breeder interested in developing peanut lines with reasonably
high nutrient uptake under drought condition.
Keywords: Biomass; Harvest index; Relationship; Nitrogen uptake; Water stress.