Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, Summer 2013, Pages 637-790 
2. Farmer’s seed sources and seed quality: 2. seed health

Pages 637-658

Z. Bishaw; P.C. Struik; A.J.G. Van Gastelc

5. Nutrient uptake of peanut genotypes under different water regimes

Pages 677-692

J. Junjittakarn; S. Pimratch; S. Jogloy; W. Htoon; N. Singkham; N. Vorasoot; B. Toomsan; C.C. Holbrook; A. Patanothai

6. Influence of drought stress on nutritive value of perennial forage legumes

Pages 693-710

K. Küchenmeister; F. Küchenmeister; M. Kayser; N. Wrage-Mönnig; J. Isselstein

8. Relationship of base temperature to development of winter wheat

Pages 741-762

M.R. Salazar-Gutierrez; J. Johnson; B. Chaves-Cordoba; G. Hoogenboom