Keywords = Pod yield
Number of Articles: 3
1. Rooting traits of peanut genotypes differing in drought tolerance under drought stress

Volume 11, Issue 3, Spring 2017, Pages 349-360

H. Ding; Z. Zhang; T. Kang; L. Dai; D. Ci; F. Qin; W. Song

2. Association of nitrogen fixation to water uses efficiency and yield traits of peanut

Volume 7, Issue 2, Winter 2013, Pages 225-242

S. Pimratch; S. Jogloy; N. Vorasoot; B. Toomsan; T. Kesmala; A. Patanothai; C.C Holbrook

3. Association of transpiration efficiency with N2 fixation of peanut under early season drought

Volume 5, Issue 4, Summer 2011, Pages 381-394

D. Puangbut; S. Jogloy; N. Vorasoot; C. Akkasaeng; A. Patanothai