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Number of Articles: 4
1. Improving essential oil content and yield of ajowan organs under water stress by application of salicylic acid and abscisic acid

Volume 11, Issue 3, Spring 2017, Pages 425-435

S. Ghassemi; K. Ghassemi-Golezani; S. Zehtab-Salmasi; S. Alizadeh-Salteh

3. Seedling production of gurguéia nut (Dypterix lacunifera Ducke) I: Seed germination and suitable substrates for seedlings

Volume 5, Issue 4, Summer 2011, Pages 319-322

Ítalo Herbert Lucena Cavalcante; Leonardo Fonseca da Rocha; Gabriel Barbosa da Silva Júnior; Raimundo Falcão Neto; Raissa Rachel Salustriano da Silva