Keywords = Brassica napus
Number of Articles: 5
1. Soaking seeds with paclobutrazol enhances winter survival and yield of rapeseed in a rice-rapeseed relay cropping system

Volume 11, Issue 4, Summer 2017, Pages 491-504

S. Anwar; J. Kuai; Sh. Khan; A. Kausar; Sh. Fahad; Guangsheng Zhou

2. QTL analysis for diamondback moth resistance in canola (Brassica napus L.)

Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2009, Pages 29-34

A. Asghari; A. Asghar Fathi; S.A. Mohammadi; H. Mohammaddust

5. Identification of novel genes expressed in Brassica napus during leaf senescence and in response to oxidative stress

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2007, Pages 35-44

S. Navabpour; M. B. Bagherieh-Najjar; H. Soltanloo